User Guides: Ninja OS Online User Guides
A collection of User Guides written for, or included in NinjaOS, to include the official user guide, hosted online for refrences.

Sub-Projects: Sub Projects Page
This page is for spun-off subprojects that can be independantly used

On TOR: http://ninjaos4xt6nc2ft.onion//ninjaos

Sourceforge page:
Official SourceForge page. wiki, readme, and downloads are here.

Official Git repo, at gitlabs, also hosts the bug tracker. The wiki will eventually go here

Bug Tracker:

Official account for Ninja OS. All scripts and many config files are here, for use as examples. updated less frequently that gitorious.

NEW!Pirate Bay:
Official Pirate Bay account for torrent releases. The Pirate Bay is one of the most resiliant censorship free distribution methods Donations: Donations accepted only in Bitcoin: