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Version 0.12.0 Has been released

- -=Ninja OS=-
64-bit version

Ninja OS, is a Live Operating System based on GNU, Linux, Arch, X11, and XFCE4.


¬°OFFICIAL RELEASE - Version 0.12.0!

Due to complications with larch replacements, this release
is also using larch. 0.12.x will likely be a series of refinements and polish
to this new release. It has been 3 and a half years since the last release,
and a lot of things needed overhauling. It was a long road, but we did in fact
get this done. We were once againt able to keep larch going, despite a lot of
now depreciated and old packages. However the end for larch is nigh, as python2
is now end of life, and will soon be dropped. This release is x86_64 only, as
Arch Linux has dropped support upstream for 32 bit. ArchLinux32 maintains a fork
and despite the Archlinux32 i686 in our official repos, the quality of this fork
is not good enough to ship as a base for Ninja OS.

Some features of 0.12.0

1. kernel 4.19.92

2. Firefox as been changed to ESR, version 68.4.1

3. refresh of IRC networks and Firefox bookmarks

4. ninja boot'n'nuke now first tries using blkdiscard and falls back to zerofill

5. I2P-Botesmail removed as it was non-functional. it will hopefully be restored
in a future version

6. tweaked package install list

7 .Security Hardending - Ninja OS is now a reasonably hardened desktop
* Removed wireshark as root, and instead SUID dumpcap.
* root running applications use pkexec, not sudo
* /etc/sudoers is no longer set to nopasswd. If a password is set, it will be
* root account is now locked by default. root can be had by sudo.

8. csprngd is replaced with rng-tools. Better upstream support for this. csprngd
was abandoned back in 2013

9. Added text editor to menu favorites

10. XFCE 4.14

11. Overhauled Mac and Host scramble for privacy mode. Now uses the native
Network Manager config for stable random interfaces. MAC addresses are now
complete random, one per connection name. However, settings run before
NetworkManager, so guaruntee to catch all interfaces, even ones plugged in after

12. [ninjaos] repos are now instanced per version, and we now mirror the entire
upstream core, extra, multilib repos on the same patch level as Ninja OS. This
means that as long as the internet is connected, pacman will now work as normal
in Ninja OS.

13. Some tweaks with clone and forge.

14. fixed a bug with the distributable version of and path
relevancy. should now work as expected.

15. THC's secure delete has been retired in favor of a new srm tool.
Most internal uses have been moved to GNU shred. This has been some time comming
as this tool's last release was almost 20 years ago.

16. All new signatures from Ninja OS will be made with the new ED25519 key.
RSA4096 key is now legacy

17. PC speaker kernel module blacklisted.

18. Squashfiles now compressed with XZ for better compression

¬°OFFICIAL RELEASE - Version 0.12.0!



Ninja OS 0.12.0 64-bitGPG Signature
Ninja OS 0.11.5 32-bitGPG Signature

Ninja OS GPG keys

NameDatetypeKey IDFingerprint - Download
Dev Ninja 6 September 2012 RSA-4096 A1F8331E D5E7 6841 665A 4408 D73C 2D87 96FD 6113 A1F8 331E
Dev Ninja 12 December 2017 ED25519 A148AF51 C65B 1F38 3A46 C38A 3D3C FDF9 C61E C681 A148 AF51

Arch Linux Repo

Arch Linux Package Repository with extra packages. You can add this to any Arch Linux install. Available are i686 and x86_64 archectures. GPG signed packages, index, and available on http and https. To add:

Bootstrap the GPG key with: pacman-key
pacman-key -r C65B1F383A46C38A3D3CFDF9C61EC681A148AF51
pacman-key --lsign-key C65B1F383A46C38A3D3CFDF9C61EC681A148AF51

Add this to bottom of your /etc/pacman.conf

install the keyring:
pacman -Sy ninjaos-keyring


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