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Downloads and Links

Release Images

Current Version is 0.12.2. Downloads are torrents with an https source. Please use the torrent to ensure availability, uptime, and share bandwith on an otherwise free as in beer software

Version Torrent Sig Zipfile Sig
Ninja OS 0.12.2 64-bit Torrent Sig Zipfile Sig
Ninja OS 0.11.5 32-bit Torrent Sig Zipfile Sig

Official Accounts

Official Ninja OS Accounts. We have our sourcecode on Gitlab, and we put our torrents on the pirate bay. When we re-recreate out TOR .onion, it will be here.

Official Gitlab
Official Pirate Bay
Official Source Forge
Official IRC #NinjaOS on

ArchLinux repo

Ninja OS maintains its own Arch Linux repo with extra packages. Supported are i686 and x86_64 archecture. Please note not all packages are available in i686 due to constraints of Archlinux32, and upstream depreciation of this Archecture.

To add this repo to a machine already running Arch Linux:

1. Bootstrap the GPG key with: pacman-key

pacman-key -r 3CC48D48778EDC86FFE2287B5CA702B66A2272B1
pacman-key --lsign-key 3CC48D48778EDC86FFE2287B5CA702B66A2272B1

2. Add this to bottom of your /etc/pacman.conf

3. install the keyring:
pacman -Sy ninjaos-keyring

Kernel Repo

We have a seperate repo for the kernel