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GPG Keys

These are the official Ninja OS keys. The newer December 2017 ED25519 key will be used for all new signing. The RSA4096 is is for legacy communications and releases. Everything on this new site or 0.12.0 or later will use the new key The headkey is used to sign all the other keys, and that is its only function. Do not accept headkey signatures on anything but other keys, and accept no keys that haven't been signed with the head key. Moving forward from May 2023, all messages and repo packages will use the continuation key. Actual releases will only be with one of the previous keys

Name Date type Key ID Fingerprint - Download
Ninja OS - Head Key 24 August 2021 ED25519 5781821D 82B6 CEC8 4791 E63B 5A60 4BBC E24C 4ABF 5781 821D
May 2023 Contiutation key 15 May 2023 ED25519 6A2272B1 3CC4 8D48 778E DC86 FFE2 287B 5CA7 02B6 6A22 72B1
Dev Ninja 12 December 2017 ED25519 A148AF51 C65B 1F38 3A46 C38A 3D3C FDF9 C61E C681 A148 AF51
Dev Ninja - Legacy 6 September 2012 RSA-4096 A1F8331E D5E7 6841 665A 4408 D73C 2D87 96FD 6113 A1F8 331E