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Ninja OS Projects

These are subprojects for Ninja OS split off into seperate projects that can be ported for use outside of Ninja OS.

List of Projects

[+] Ninja Boot'n'Nuke
[+] Ninja OS Kernel
[+] Larch(Live Arch) Tool
[+] Live OS Forge

Ninja Boot'n'Nuke

End of life computer santiation tool written as an Arch Linux initcpio script. A small dash script and a few utilities that go through each drive and fill them with zeros. Alternatively, new versions also test for SSD discard support, and will use that instead. This is accomplished with an Arch Linux initcpio script.


Download NBAN 2.0 .sig
Gitlab Project


Install using the Arch Package. Afterwards you can compile a Boot'n'Nuke image with:

mkinitcpio -p nban
Next, set replace initramfs-linux.img, in the INITRD line for your bootloader with nban.img. Now reboot. The script will wipe all attached storage media, including hard disks and flash drives. see man nban for more information.
If expecting to do this, it might we wise to set up NBAN as its own labeled menu entry to avoid accidentally triggering it.


Shurikens are single use Ninja Boot'n'Nuke USB sticks. They combine the nban image, with a syslinux bootloader. There is no full OS on these sticks. They can be made and used on any machine that will boot MBR bios. They are not smart enough to recognize themselves and will overwrite themselves along with any other attached drives.


shuriken_forge /dev/sdX
Where /dev/sdX is replaced with the block device of a flash drive. See man shuriken_forge for more information.

Ninja OS Kernel

GitLab Project

For Ninja OS, we roll our own custom kernel with modifications from the stock -arch kernel.

  • [+] LTS - follows longterm kernel. Generally latest
  • [+] -hardened patchset. Applies patches from -hardened Arch Kernel
  • [+] AUFS(Another Union File System) - Applies AUFS patches needed for live system
  • [+] 1000hz Kernel Timer - better timer resolution for media handling

Larch(Live Arch)

Larch was a Live OS constructor kit for making LiveCD/LiveOS based on Arch Linux . It was abandoned long ago in 2012, and has since been maintained soley by the Ninja OS team which depends on it. As, the original host of the larch project has gone under, the last known copy is hosted here, along with a few tweaks to keep it working with modern day Arch Linux.

GitLab Project

Live OS Forge

Multi-OS GUI USB stick Forge util. NinjaForge-NG. Flash NinjaOS to USB stick. Next Generation Tool, designed with GUI and multi-OS support. Work in Progress
When completed this will be the "easy way" of installing Ninja OS to a USB stick.

GitLab Project